The Dark Digs Project

Are you feeling STUCK and uninspired with your indoor photography? 


Are you craving to tell your story through deep and emotive photography, but just don't feel equipped?


"I don't have a white, blogger house" ... "I don't have THIS lens" ... "I don't have the editing skills" ... "My house is TOO DARK!"

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If these excuses sound familiar, The Dark Digs Project is for you!!

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In this course,  I will discuss: 

  • Fully embracing where you are!
  • How to find and manipulate the light in your home.. in EVERY home 
  • How to create meaningful moments in that light
  • Detailed videos of how I shoot and edit in-home images of my DARK digs
  • Pull backs and descriptions of each shot and how I created them.
  • A camera and lens comparison section where I will recreate Identical indoor, lowlight shots using a variety of lenses and camera combinations ranging from entry level to pro, showing that you can create beautiful images no matter where you are and what you have to shoot with!  I will discuss the advantages and limitations of each combination and will help you find your gear's possibilities and know what upgrades will give you the most bang for your buck. 
  • My practices for making my work consistent and so much more!


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This course will be available in 2018!  So sign up here to stay up to date on prices and availablity!

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Oh!  And if there's something you'd like to see, drop me a line!

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