Henry & Brothers | Product Photography

With all these business changes, I've slowed down a lot to allow myself time to make all those changes!  In the mean time, I've been shooting product shots for one of my favorite companies!  I LOVE Henry & Brothers.  Their owner is just so sweet, so it's been a fun project to create with her.  Here are a few shots from my product shoots so far.

McKinney Commercial Photographer Jen Sebring-2-3.jpg
McKinney Commercial Photographer Jen Sebring-1-2.jpg



Mary | Spokane Family Photographer

Whenever I go home to Spokane, I'm ALWAYS honored to photograph my favorite families!  These guys are SO hilarious!  Mary's oldest son calls her "Rusty"... because she's "old." hahaha .  I'm not kidding, this is so funny to me.  And her youngest son LOVED the camera and decided that thumbs up would be his signature move.  Each picture came with an "Ok, now let's do one without the thumbs!"  Seroiously... they are awesome!   And how gorgeous is Spokane this time of year?

Hill Family | McKinney Family Photographer

When Jordan chose me to be the photographer for their family and 6 months pics in a beautiful McKinney park, I jumped at it!!!!  I LOVE this family!   Jordan and I used to teach together way back when and I've watched her children grow!  I love being apart of these memories!  And keeping with our theme, today was overcast!  Every single session we've ever shot has been overcast!  

And so glad sweet Teddy has made it to nearly every shoot!  This is 2014 and 2017!