The Olson's | Extended Family Photography Session

The Olson extended family was a dream to photograph! I have known Randy and Lori Olson my entire life. My dad went to school with Randy and my mom was friend’s with Lori. Their 3 boys have wives and families now, so it was a blessing to photograph them!! Editing was a joy as well, seeing ALL THAT LOVE!!

McKinney Family Photographer
McKinney Family Photographer 2

Andreyevs | McKinney Family Photographer

I took this McKinney family to Arbor Hills for their photography session!  They were absolutely the sweetest!  The light was STUNNING.  And mom and dad were just so in love!   Thank you for sharing your family with me!


One Blog Circle | McKinney Photographer

I've recently joined an amazing group of talented photographers to share our favorite image of November.  Mine was a Thanksgiving photo of my youngest child and one of my father in-laws.  We got to visit a lovely horse ranch and this was them truly just seizing the moment.  Her skip is all her. The joy is all her.  I was so grateful to have such a great day. I struggled with this composition because the photo meant so much to me,  but I finally landed here and I’m very happy!

McKinney Family Photographer Jen Sebring-1-90.jpg

 UP NEXT IS >>>    Sarah from Behind the Stones Photography!  Go check out her post and follow the loop til you get back here!  Have fun!

The Dark Digs Project

Are you feeling STUCK and uninspired with your indoor photography? 


Are you craving to tell your story through deep and emotive photography, but just don't feel equipped?


"I don't have a white, blogger house" ... "I don't have THIS lens" ... "I don't have the editing skills" ... "My house is TOO DARK!"

McKinney Family Photographer Jen Sebring-1-77.jpg

If these excuses sound familiar, The Dark Digs Project is for you!!

McKinney Family Photographer Jen Sebring-3-8.jpg

In this course,  I will discuss: 

  • Fully embracing where you are!
  • How to find and manipulate the light in your home.. in EVERY home 
  • How to create meaningful moments in that light
  • Detailed videos of how I shoot and edit in-home images of my DARK digs
  • Pull backs and descriptions of each shot and how I created them.
  • A camera and lens comparison section where I will recreate Identical indoor, lowlight shots using a variety of lenses and camera combinations ranging from entry level to pro, showing that you can create beautiful images no matter where you are and what you have to shoot with!  I will discuss the advantages and limitations of each combination and will help you find your gear's possibilities and know what upgrades will give you the most bang for your buck. 
  • My practices for making my work consistent and so much more!


Unique Items-5.jpg

This course will be available in 2018!  So sign up here to stay up to date on prices and availablity!

McKinney Family Photographer Jen Sebring-5-7.jpg

Oh!  And if there's something you'd like to see, drop me a line!

McKinney Family Photographer Jen Sebring-2-8.jpg

Henry & Brothers | Product Photography

With all these business changes, I've slowed down a lot to allow myself time to make all those changes!  In the mean time, I've been shooting product shots for one of my favorite companies!  I LOVE Henry & Brothers.  Their owner is just so sweet, so it's been a fun project to create with her.  Here are a few shots from my product shoots so far.

McKinney Commercial Photographer Jen Sebring-2-3.jpg
McKinney Commercial Photographer Jen Sebring-1-2.jpg



Asmann Family | Spokane Family Photographer

After YEARS of talking about it, I finally got to photograph my cousin in Spokane!  LOVE her and love her gorgeous family!  This was a very easy session!  They all came polished and ready to go!  I LOVED every shot!

Mary | Spokane Family Photographer

Whenever I go home to Spokane, I'm ALWAYS honored to photograph my favorite families!  These guys are SO hilarious!  Mary's oldest son calls her "Rusty"... because she's "old." hahaha .  I'm not kidding, this is so funny to me.  And her youngest son LOVED the camera and decided that thumbs up would be his signature move.  Each picture came with an "Ok, now let's do one without the thumbs!"  Seroiously... they are awesome!   And how gorgeous is Spokane this time of year?

Hill Family | McKinney Family Photographer

When Jordan chose me to be the photographer for their family and 6 months pics in a beautiful McKinney park, I jumped at it!!!!  I LOVE this family!   Jordan and I used to teach together way back when and I've watched her children grow!  I love being apart of these memories!  And keeping with our theme, today was overcast!  Every single session we've ever shot has been overcast!  

And so glad sweet Teddy has made it to nearly every shoot!  This is 2014 and 2017!

Fox Girls | McKinney Children's Photographer

I LOVED this photo session in this gorgeous McKinney location!  I'm so glad they chose me as their children's photographer!  When this mama called me up and said "I trust your vision" I immediately started freaking out.  I could've shot them all day!!


The Beadle Family | McKinney Family Photographer

I've been so lucky that this McKinney family has chosen me for their family photographer for the last several seasons!  Can I JUST say, this family KNOWS how to coordinate outfits!  They look like a walking clothing ad!  And!  They are as kind as they are lovely!